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I, as the owner, have been an electrician for 30+years and have done thousands of homes from super custom, private residence to subdivision with pride of workmanship in every one. I decided to go in business because I couldn't find an honest and fair electrical company to work for that treated it's customers right or even myself at times. It was to generate as much profits as seemingly possible for the most part. Marketing and targeting videos showing how to manipulate potential customers into dollars and substantial profits. Trust and a good job came with a premium. I was astonished and wanted no part of it. That is when I decided to create People's Electrical Contracting. An electrical company for the People based on fairness and quality with affordability. An electrical company for the People looking for an experienced and decent electrical work provider that they can turn to. A company that does exceptionally good work with no over the top operating expenses, savvy quality material purchasing which in turn is reflected in your pricing. Pride in what we do is in every job big or small. So don't get fooled by the "produce revenue" tactics or the misconception you have to pay substantially more for good work or presentability. You can get a good experienced reliable contractor where the work is guaranteed and at a fair price. It's People's( with an apostrophe) Electrical Contracting.