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ECRA/ESA # 7008542

People's Electrical Contracting is Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Certified & Authorized

The ESA is a governing body that issues the electrical code book we Master Electricians, electrical contractors, and electricians are required to doing electrical work here in Ontario. The electrical permits regarding specifically the electric work being done are taken out towards the work by the electrical contractor doing the work.

As of July 6th, 2020, the ESA moved to a Risk-Based Oversight (RBO) regarding their inspections of the electrical work generated by the permits taken out,

What is Risk-Based Oversight?

Risk-Based Oversight (RBO) means that ESA will use risk criteria to determine what wiring work would require a site visit. Permits will be a risk level assigned to it based on:

  • WHO does the electrical work
  • WHAT the electrical work is
  • WHERE the electrical work is

Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs) and qualified installers who have a low defect ratio & that demonstrate consistent electrical code compliance who also have a sufficient volume of permits (to prove competency) are eligible for selective inspections, preauthorized service connections & RBO associated programs.

As of Apr 2021, People's Electrical Contracting is enjoying a 0% defect ratio to it's permits pulled towards work we have done. We here at People's Electrical Contracting proudly and truly do great work at very competitive rates.

You can trust People's Electrical Contracting with your peace of mind. Our number is 705-952-2444 or email us at [email protected]. You can also find us at