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ECRA/ESA # 7008542

People's Electrical Contracting is Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Certified And Authorized

The ESA is a governing body that issues the electrical code book we Master Electricians, electrical contractors and electricians are required to follow when doing electrical work here in Ontario. The electrical permits regarding specifically the electrical work to be done are taken out towards that work by the electrical contractor. Here at People's Electrical Contracting you will see an ESA inspector physically do an inspection at every stage that would require an inspection by the ESA as opposed to electrical contractors that are on the ACP program that only have a small portion of their work ever inspected or looked at by an ESA inspector...

I know which one would you prefer.

You can trust People's Electrical Contracting with your peace of mind. Call us. Our number is 705-952-2444 or email us at [email protected]

People's Electrical Contracting Is WSIB Compliant

Peace of mind is when you know our company is fully insured and premiums have been paid. We will provide a WSIB issued clearance certificate for your work showing we are in good standing with the WSIB.

Did you kmow? Our contractor's insurance is mandated and monitored Electrical Safety Authority(ESA) so be rest assured.

People's Electrical Contracting stands out from other electricians, and electrical contractors in Bracebridge and the Muskoka area as I guarantee exceptional work at an affordable price. Call 705-952-2444 to get started today.